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Wood Door vs Steel Door: Which will suit your home better!!!

Whether you’re looking for a new home or building one of your own, an often-overlooked featured that always sets one house apart from another is its door. It sets the atmosphere for your home, and it’s one of the first features any visitor to your home will interact with. The doors chosen for a home has both functional and aesthetic purposes. The material you choose for your door must be able to withstand wind, rain and sunlight and at the same time have the strength to keep intruders out. After analyzing the benefits and disadvantages of each, you will be ready to select the best one for your house. Steel and wood are standard materials for entry doors because both are a solid, durable choice. But each has pros and cons that may make one material more suitable for your home than the other.

Cost and Efficiency: The efficiency and cost of any door depends on several other factors. No matter which material you choose, look for a door with a tight-fitting frame and energy-efficient cores. The look and strength of wood doors come with a price but they are vulnerable to rotting, peeling, and warping and may lose their insulating properties over time while Steel doors are quite the opposite. They have special adhesives or thermal barriers that keep heat and cold transfer to a minimum. They hardly need any costly maintenance. That saves you a lot of rupee on repairs and upkeep in the long run. Steel doors are typically more energy-efficient than wood because they have higher insulating values, so they’re better at keeping conditioned air inside your home and outdoor air outside.

Maintenance: A steel entry door offers lower maintenance to keep a door in good condition however, does require periodic repainting to protect the steel from moisture, which can lead to rust. Wood doors typically require refinishing every one to two years to protect the wood from weather and must be coated entirely, including the sides, top and bottom edges. Steel door will not absorb moisture as wood does, so issues with warping and peeling paint will not occur.  While wood doors require more maintenance, they’re easier to repair than steel. On the downside, steel dents easily. Any scratches that occur will develop rust over time. When you touch the steel surface, you will feel cold in the winter and warm in the summer due to temperature conduction.

Appearance: The beauty and versatility of wood doors may be their strongest advantage. Wood is a natural material that creates a welcoming entry to your home, and it can be painted any color you choose. Wood also has a wide range of design and wood types that can customized. On other hand, Steel doors convincingly emulate the look of a wood door. The smoothly embossed units look classically elegant and are well suited for homes with a traditional design. The units also have high-definition contouring details that can do wonderful things for your home exterior. They can be painted any color you choose as well.

Security: Steel doors are unmatched in terms of security. They offer more durability and stability than most wood doors. Steel is stronger than wood and won’t warp or crack when impacted by strong forces. They provide maximum protection against the elements, even under harsh weather conditions. The sturdy panels provide better security and privacy than a traditional wood door ever will. Wood may crack if enough force is exerted on it, so it may not be as good for keeping intruders out as steel. But the most important security feature for a door, no matter what material you choose, is a quality door lock. No matter which door material you choose, use a solid strike plate fastened with at least 3-inch-long mounting screws that go into the framing beyond the jamb. This will increase the door’s security.

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