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April 15, 2019
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April 29, 2019
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Choosing right window for your home!!!!!

Deciding what is right for a particular home remodel can be exceptionally difficult, especially when it comes to replacing windows. Homeowners who are conflicted should talk to someone who knows windows inside and out. Deciding which framing material you want is an important decision you shouldn’t take lightly. Windows constitute an integral part of your decor, be it your home or office, as it works both as an aesthetics feature as well as a weather barrier protecting you and your house from the elements of nature. The right window can add value to your property while also impact installation’s cost durability, energy efficiency, maintenance requirements and more. Comparing wood windows and UPVC windows two popular material choices, will help you to get out of your confusion to see which one suit you best.

UPVC vs Wooden


Natural materials have a unique beauty and that’s why most windows attempt to mimic the look of wood.  Wood windows offer a classical elegance and warmth that other types of windows simply cannot.

UPVC windows also offer exceptional aesthetic value, the clean look of uPVC is inherently modern, and the material is also available in a huge range of shades and colors. Moreover, it can be easily designed and shaped to fit within any interiors seamlessly.


UPVC windows offer exceptional strength for long-lasting durability. This not only makes them long lasting and resilient but also makes it highly unlikely that you will ever need to change your window again. UPVC is an exceedingly durable material and ensures your door will stand the tests of time and never lose their shape.

Wood windows, on the other hand, are prone to warping, contracting, and expanding as temperatures and humidity levels change throughout the year.

Energy Efficient:

Both wood and UPVC are insulating materials. Both window product lines both offer exceptional energy efficiency options and features like low-e glass, warm edge spacers, multi-paned insulated glass, and more. The UPVC sliding Windows come with a super-efficient double glazing that leaves no space for increased consumption of energy, be it Air Conditioners or the heating machines.

Genuine wood frames help to insulate a home far better than almost any other kind of window. Real wood provides 400 times more insulation than steel window frames and 1,800 times as much as aluminum-frame windows. The additional insulation that real wood provides can help keep a home warm in the winter and cool in the summer and can save the homeowner on utility bills all year round


Wood frames generally have a higher initial cost than any other materials. But as it was explained before, a quality and well maintained window will last much, much longer and will result in smaller utility bill each and every year.

UPVC windows also offer excellent insulation and tend to cost far less than aluminum or wood. Resale value of the property doesn’t get a boost as compared to wooden and aluminum windows.

Termite Resistance:

When it comes to protecting your windows from insects, wooden windows are more vulnerable to termite as compared to UPVC. Keeping the frame properly painted will ward off insects.

On other hand UPVC being a synthetic product, there is no necessity to do procedural termite control since termite and all are not drawn to UPVC windows.


When it comes to maintaining windows, which is concern for every homeowner. The need for paint is one of the disadvantages of genuine wooden windows.  If left untreated it can rot or warp and will begin to look old. Wood frames which have not been properly cared for can twist slightly or can swell with moisture, making it difficult to maintain.

The UPVC Windows virtually maintenance free and easy to clean that requires negligible maintenance. They are easy to carry, transport and fit, with zero maintenance required to keep them handy is one of the most useful benefits to get them fitted in buildings and offices of all forms and style.

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