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April 8, 2019
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April 23, 2019
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Why UPVC Windows are reliable for your home!!!!

If you’re looking for windows at an affordable price, UPVC windows are the ideal choice. The use of UPVC as a replacement for your old windows continues to be the most widely recommended material used by many companies and the most common material chosen by homeowners. Every home in India is troubled by dust which increases the efforts in cleaning. Dust enters through cracks and gaps in the old windows. Switch to UPVC windows and the problem is hugely reduced. UPVC has a reputation for being the most cost effective material for window frames, surpassing aluminum and timber-frame windows. Some benefits of UPVC windows are:


Durable and long lasting: UPVC is the most durable materials available with long lasting appearance and deliver the same look and glaze for years without being affected even by worse physical factors. UPVC windows and doors hardly require any maintenance. They are non-corrosive so it will neither rust nor rot and the frames will not let the cold and damp into your home. Unlike the timber and other materials, may need specialist treatments over time to maintain their appearance and prevent rot, a simple wipe down with a cloth will keep UPVC at their best. Therefore, there maintenance is reduced to simple cleaning and does not involve any further expensive maintenance.


Range of styles and color available: Historically, one of the biggest shortcomings of UPVC was in its lack of aesthetic appeal i.e. the white plastic look. Today, they come in a range of colors – if you prefer a wood grain finish or even want your windows to look like traditional hardwood frames this can be done for extra cost.


Security options: Due to its resilience and robustness, UPVC is very reliable and trustworthy and offers best solution for home when it comes to its security. The frames include a steel core making it extremely difficult to break through or damage. Most UPVC windows are anti-crowbar, which means they cannot be forced open by an intruder in the way that traditional wooden doors and windows can be forced.


Energy Efficient: UPVC windows can be recycled and reused that’s why they are Eco-friendly as they help in reducing deforestation by using it as a smarter alternative for wood. These are easy to fix, adjust and remove and so they consume a very less amount of energy. They fit better and have better insulating properties than the wooden equivalents. This also makes them environmental friendly. Hence they are relatively energy efficient, compared to other materials.


Insulation: UPVC double glazed windows have high insulation properties. They have efficient thermal insulation resulting in minimum heat lose in winters and reduce heat gain in summers. With double glazing, the vacuum between the panes prevents the cold air and droughts from entering your home and the warm air and heat from escaping. They provide high level of insulation against noise. The street noise pollution like sound coming from different vehicles, street hawkers sound etc won’t affect you and you get a pleasing and peaceful atmosphere at home.


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