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Most common Window Problem and its fixes

Your windows are one of the most essential and beautiful aspects of your home, but many homeowners neglect the problems or don’t really understand their windows well enough to troubleshoot basic problems. What most of us rarely notice any issues until windows are exposed to extreme weather conditions, in summer or in winter that make these flaws obvious. Sometimes, problems with your window can mean sacrificed efficiency and comfort and ruin the aesthetic appeal of the window. Here are the most common window problems that may be making your home less comfortable than it should be. Keep reading to find out if your window should be repaired or replaced.

Drafty Window

One of the most common window problem faces today is Drafty window, once winter rolls around, homeowner’s notice that they have to crank the heater to keep the house bearably warm. This problem is a very annoying one: not only drafts make standing or sitting near the window intolerable, but also makes your home less comfortable, which significantly increase your heating and cooling costs. Some of the most common causes for drafty windows include broken window seals, poor insulation, and improperly installed windows.

Solution: It can be easily fixed by replacing the weather-stripping if you see that it is peeling or has chunks missing or applying window caulk around the frame. However, if the problem is caused by excessive warping or damage done by extreme weather, it might be time to look for a new window.

Faulty Window

Nothing is more aggravating than a window that sticks, i.e. difficult to open or close. If windows won’t open or stay open, it may just be a matter of adjusting or replacing existing hardware. The cause of this problem generally depends on the type of window you have. If you have a wooden single or double-hung window, swelling of the wood, dirt and debris, and spring malfunctions can prevent the window from sliding easily along the track. If, on the other hand, you have an awning or casement window, the operating hardware might be faulty.

Solutions: Replacing faulty windows with energy efficient and secure replacement windows will not only help lower your energy bill and keep your home safe. If you have single or double-hung windows, try cleaning the window track and applying a lubricant to the track. For casement windows, you’ll need to look at the operating hardware. You might be able to fix the problem by lubricating the moving parts. If this doesn’t work, the hardware can usually be replaced very cheaply.

Leakage Problem

Water leaking is one of the common problems that people faces in raining season in their day to day life. Your first step is to make sure that your window is closed tightly and locked; this mechanism of a window forms a tighter seal which helps preventing water from collecting in the tracks during intense rains. If you see leaks around the window sash or on the window frame, it’s likely that the leak is coming from the window itself. This can happen through deterioration over time causing damaged caulking, glazing putty or improper installation.

Solutions: To fix damaged caulking, remove the old caulking, clean the area well, and add new caulking. Finally, you can try cleaning dirt and debris from the holes designed to drain water away from the window. The above steps might not solve the problem if the window is significantly damaged or improperly installed. This type of problem might require help from the professionals or a window replacement.

Condensation/ Foggy Problem:

If the glass in your window frame is foggy or when condensation occurs inside the two panes of your double-paned window, it indicates that the seals between your window glass panes have failed and they are leaking air. Hence it requires replacement. In extremely cold weather, Ice might even form in between the glass panes, making your heating system work even harder to heat your house and driving up your electricity bill.

Solutions: Seal failure in windows can be fixed, but the insulating gas in the middle can’t be replaced. You can remove the moisture from between the window panes and re-seal the unit to prevent moisture from entering again. This can fix the condensation problem so that your windows no longer look foggy; however, your windows will not be as efficient unless you replace them with new one.

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