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Window Dressing for Privacy and Style

Windows are absolutely essential to any home design and often bring the whole house together. Whether you install a decorative film, or dress your windows with elegant Roman shades, you want your windows to attract attention and be a focal point of your home. However, you may find that some windows are a bit exposing or you just want some added privacy to your home. There are plenty of window privacy ideas to help keep the outside from peeking in.





Blinds: The most common window privacy treatments available are Blinds. They create a layer of insulation, keeping your room warmer during the winter and cooler in the summer offers excellent privacy and can be opened and closed however much you prefer to let in natural light. It can even save energy in the colder months. Venetian blinds or horizontal blinds are one of the most popular and common options, and they come in a variety of different materials including wood, vinyl, faux wood, or plastic. Other types of blinds include vertical blinds, which tends to collect less dust are often used to cover glass doorways. If you like a more traditional or standard look, blinds is a great window privacy idea.







Window Film: Speaking of privacy film, one of the more creative window privacy ideas is window film. Window film can provide privacy in a variety of situations. For example, window films can be used in bathrooms, on front doors, and more. They are typically applied to the inside of the window, and you can install them yourself. You can get a stained or frosted glass look or even a one way mirror effect for your windows with window film. Not only do they provide excellent privacy, but window film has other great benefits as well.









Shades: Shades are another great window privacy option and can offer a little more privacy than blinds. Window shades have experienced a rebirth, thanks to new fabrics that filter UV light. They are very similar to blinds, but they do not have slats, they use fabric instead. Some of the different kinds of shades include Roman shades, honeycomb shades, and roller shades that allow some light to filter through while providing complete privacy. If you prefer efficiency and modernity, you can have remote controlled shades that can open and close with the push of a button.








Textured Glass: If you’re looking for a more permanent solution for your window privacy, then textured glass might be the best window privacy idea to choose. Textured glass is a popular and tasteful way to provide privacy in your bathroom, basements or bedrooms. Instead of being smooth this type of glass features a textured finish, Because of this, everything is distorted through the glass. This type of glass is often used for shower doors as well as bathroom windows. There are sprays available that can create a frosted effect as well as window film.









Curtains: Curtains can be used in conjunction with blinds and shades for decoration and privacy and used in compliance with some other form of window privacy treatment because they’re often a lighter fabric and don’t provide ample privacy themselves. They come in a wide variety of styles, colors and fabrics that can match any style of home interior. A sheer interior layer lets natural light in but still creates privacy. A thick curtain on top blocks out much more light and dampens sound and allows you complete privacy.

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