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What your front door speaks about your personality

‘Never judge a book by its cover’ a phrase that is ultimately difficult to follow, research by Dulux and color psychologist Karen Hall has revealed that people unconsciously make an assumption about a person in less than 10 seconds after seeing the color of their front door. Whether you choose to replace the door or just give it a fresh vibe of paint, it’s a great way of updating your home without need to spent thousands. Whether bright and bold or subtle and subdued, the color of your  is a statement in itself. After all, it’s the first thing guests see before you even open the door.

But different color of door has different meaning:


If you opt for Grey color door, it’s symbolized Traditionalism, Intelligence, and Seriousness among the family and is a color which is becoming very popular now a days. Politically, you’re a swing voter who weighs both sides of an issue. It suggests that your interior is very stylish and great place to enter with your friends.



However Black door looks like the color of mystery but now a day, it’s very trendy and has a tendency to frequently enhance any house decor. Its symbolizes the color of elegance, Sophistication, Class, Power and strength which can make anyone eager to look inside the house and gives off the impression that this is a place of control.



These color doors are very common in most of the house and can go with any color combination and still look very unique with different variety of background walls. Its symbolizes confidence, reliability, Generous, Kind and earthy vibes when someone visits your home.  Don’t let scam artists take advantage of your sweet disposition!



In feng shui, a red door says “welcome” and invites good positive energy.  A bold and excited one, but a warmly inviting person with love and determination. You like to entertain people with full of energy but be cautious, it can led you to problem sometimes.



Painting your door in white color makes you a person of perfection and peace who likes perfectly organized things in a clean and tidy manner, but it’s only so you can truly relax later. People who paint their doors white are perceived as minimalist and efficient and a deep thinker who takes an inordinately long time to answer.

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