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Best Material for your Front Door!!!

So, you’re wondering what type of front door material is the perfect choice for your home. You’re not alone. Deciding on the right exterior door can be a matter of taste, security, and durability, but you can narrow down the material choices for exterior doors into four main categories: wood, fiberglass, steel and glass. These doors offer visual appeal, security, and insulation to a home’s entryways, so these aspects are important to keep in mind when purchasing and choosing its material. Read these basics on each of the options before shopping for your next entry door.





Wood: If you want something classic, wood is by far your best option. There is nothing more traditional than a wooden door to welcome your guest home. More than just good looks, wooden doors are also excellent insulators both regarding soundproofing and in terms of heating. They are heavy, secure, and resistant to wear and damage. Fixing scratches or dents that appear on a wooden door is much easier than fixing these problems in other door materials. They are, however on a expensive side than most other materials. Wood doors will need to be painted or varnished regularly to maintain their beauty. The downside to using wood doors is that the wood can sag, warp, and peel over time, especially when repeatedly subjected to the elements. A solid-core door is less prone to warping and ups the insulation value of the door. Like any type of wood door, thicker panels, stiles, and rails are best for strength and durability. That’s why wood is best suited for covered areas or in conjunction with a storm door.








Steel: If you choose a steel front door, know that you are potentially choosing one of the safest options in terms of intrusions with little maintenance. Doors made of steel have a higher insulating value than wood doors—sometimes up to five times greater. They are secure, durable, and energy efficient. However, while this may make them extremely strong and help to keep cool winds from creeping into your home. Steel doors cannot be easily cut down to fit an existing frame which make them susceptible to weather damage such as rust, and other damages like dents and scratches. Steel doors don’t crack or warp like other materials, but they are easy to dent and difficult to repair.









Glass: Modern glass doors have evolved a long way over the past decade. While not a common choice, solid glass doors are growing in popularity. Glass exterior doors can have a number of pros -They provide a clean, modern view and allow more natural light inside your home. On the flip side, these can also be seen as cons depending on your personal preferences; along with the natural light that streams inside, you may also be bringing in cold air at the cracks of door and the view of the outdoors that you enjoy may also give neighbors a peek at what’s going on inside the home. While full-glass doors are still a relatively rare choice, more doors are being made with glass used as part of their design. From small details to lavish finishes, Glass panels add style and class to a door of any material.







Fiberglass: If you want the look of wood with a bit more durability, consider a fiberglass entry door. Insulated fiberglass doors are made up of composite materials. Like steel, fiberglass is more secure and energy efficient than wood. These doors are also strong and durable, and they require little maintenance. These doors can be stained in a variety of colors to give you the same beautiful look of traditional wood. Like wood, it is also a more expensive material; however, it has many advantages over the traditional wooden door. Fiberglass does not warp and distort due to sunlight or water and is far easier to maintain as there is no need to paint or varnish it every few years. This makes it the ideal choice for anyone living in particularly cold or wet environments but who still want a classically authentic look to the front of their home. The one drawback is that a severe impact to the door could leave a crack.

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