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October 2, 2018
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How plywood helps your door live longer!!!!

Plywood has come a long way since its introduction in the early 20th century. For decades, plywood was often seen as just a substitute to solid wood. Plywood is an assemblage of wood veneers bonded together to produce a flat sheet. While it can be tailored to suit an extensive range of applications, the normal product consists of at least 3 plies, with the grain in the alternate plies running at right angles. Today, however, plywood has become the primary choice for many builders and home owners. Plywood is a very handy building material made-up of wood that can be used in almost everything from furniture to house construction. In simple terms, plywood is a wooden panel; made by stacking & gluing several thin layers of wood veneers over each other.

Here are some of the benefits of plywood, including one that is absolutely critical considering the state of the world today:

Strong and Durable: Plywood due to its evenly distributed strength, can withstand falls or even impact from other heavy objects. Plywood saves you both time and money because it can endure for an extended period before it becomes worn. This is one of the primary factors in plywood’s popularity. The adhesives used to bond the veneers in plywood are actually stronger than the wood itself. If you have furniture made of plywood, you can likely attest to this fact. Additionally, the fact it is manufactured from hardwoods and glued together using stronger phenolic adhesives increases its strength even further. Unlike solid wood, plywood boasts of uniform strength along grains regardless of direction. That makes it a very durable product engineered wood product.


Availability: Plywood comes in larger sizes, which makes it possible for it to be utilized in a variety of construction projects. You can easily find plywood with a large size of 1800mm of length and 1200mm of width. A great variety of products in various shapes and sizes can be manufactured from hardwood plywood. If you are out in the market trying to look for 8 x 4 size solid flat woods, you will inevitably hit a dead end. However, with the advent of plywood, people have found a solution to that limitation. Standard plywood sheets, on the other hand, come in large sizes, with lengths of at least 1800mm and widths generally at 1200mm. You can certainly do a lot with engineered wood products of that size.

Environment Friendly: Plywood uses wood, but manufacturing a workable sheet requires lesser wood than, well, solid wood products. It is a natural product made from a renewable resource. Thus the use of plywood in construction and manufacturing industries has led to tremendous decrease in deforestation. Therefore, it is one of the most environmentally friendly decorative products available to the consumer. That means more timber is conserved, and that makes plywood an eco-friendly product. This is absolutely important, considering the state of the environment in general today.


Lightweight: Plywood is surprisingly much lighter than solid wood that makes plywood even more perfect for furniture-making. Despite its larger size, plywood is relatively lighter and easy to transport. This benefit makes it more common in the fabrication of furniture pieces such as kitchen cabinets or cupboards. Heavier solid wood, meanwhile, can prove to be rather unwieldy when crafting furniture or when using it for other commercial applications. Plywood, however, doesn’t split that easily because of its cross-layered structure.

Cost Effective: Plywood is more reliable because it is cheap and affordable. In addition, it can produce quality products that will be within the budget of most people. This is obviously one of the reasons why plywood is selling so well in today’s market. Best of all, the price of plywood will always be lower than that of solid wood. Hence it is cost-effective engineered wood product, and that makes it even more popular among home owners and builders these days.

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