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September 24, 2018
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February 7, 2019
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Knock Knock: Is your door needs a replacement????

People generally don’t spend time thinking about doors and as a result they are often taken for granted. But doors have a lifespan, and it’s important to look for signs of wear. The front entry door of your house is one of the main focus points of your property and it speaks the style you represent and the personality about your family. If it stops doing that or you have notice any of the following problems then, it’s time to start looking for new door for your house.


Damaged Doors

Is your entrance door literally falling off the hinges?

Most people know that if the wood is breaking apart and soft, it’s not secure enough to support the door structure or to keep your home safe. It is safe to say this door has offered all of the benefits that it possibly. Even when the damage isn’t as severe as the door falling off the hinges, it is important that you recognize the signs of damage to protect yourself, your home, and the people that you love the most. A damaged front door puts everyone’s safety at risk and diminishes the appearance of the home and leaves other people with a poor impression of your property.



Gaps between Door and frames

Most of time gaps in the door occur naturally as the door age and we ignore the gaps between the doors and frames and which sometimes leads to embarrassment between other people. Gaps between the doors may occur from weather conditions like rain, winter or from extreme sun rays or from ageing of the door.


Doors can take a beating over their lifetime.  They’re slammed, kicked and exposed to huge tempter changes.  If you have an old solid wood door, it has probably seen better days.  Many of these doors have expanded and contracted over so many winters and summers that they have cracks. Many of these doors have cracks which expose the outside elements to the inside of your home or vice-versa.



If about 50% of the woods structure is compromised, your R-Value (energy efficiency through solid objects) has been significantly diminished.  Not only is your home easier to break into, but you’re also inviting more pathways for insects to future damage your entry way and you are wasting your heating and cooling.  Loss of R-Value is significant when it comes to a door because that is your thermal barrier (unless your door is made entirely of glass).  Replacement is a must in this situation.



The squeaky door is enough to drive someone insane, The noises are oftentimes caused by the simple age of the door but sometimes occur after damage. These odd noises aren’t normal and signal trouble with the doorReplacing the squeaky door gives you back the fun that you might’ve lost, as well as an awesome, stylish new entrance that doesn’t make noises when you are ready to pull the joke of a lifetime.

If any above signs present in your door, do call Standard Doors and learn about different type and style that will suit your front door. We offer a wide range of colors, size and style to choose from, which can fulfill every house owner requirements.

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