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October 2, 2018
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Designs that will suit your front door!


Festivals are on the doors this coming winter season and that means enjoyment, lights, decorations and renovations. When you pass by any house, the first thing capture your eye ball is most likely the front door. After all the front door speaks about the interior design of your home and how unique it is from the others, sometime it also increases the house value. Gone are the days when doors were used for the mere purpose of maintaining privacy and security. Doors these days have become a beautiful structure and integral part of a home’s interiors. Someone rightly said “To make inside exciting, front door needs to be appealing”.

There are number of styles and variants to choose from and that might make you all over the place (or little daunting). Here at Standard Doors, we will ease your confusion because we understand the importance of matching, coordination so that we can provide you the door of your imagination that can suit your decor. But the additional important feature is the safety, which we can’t ignore. Standard Door Mantra is-

Creativity + Safety=Standard Doors

Different doors for different people


Flush Door:

Being waterproof or decay resistant, standard Flush doors are ideal for front doors. They are so called because of their smooth surface. Solid block board construction with cross band and phenol formaldehyde ensures that doors are 100% boiling waterproof. Standard Doors are stiff and of high resistance with variety of design and creative finish. These doors require less maintenance and can be made in any shape with easy installation.




Wood Plastic Composite Door (WPC):

Wood-plastic composites (WPCs) are produced by thoroughly mixing ground  wood particles and heated thermoplastic resin. Standard Door is synonymous to qualities like Stability, Safety and Longevity. They are built around a hardwood frame with a special composite technology which is secret to its beautiful looks. Our Doors are highly resistance to Discoloration and Fading. Wood-plastic composite is more environmentally friendly and requires less maintenance than the alternatives of solid wood treated with preservatives or solid wood of rot-resistant species.



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